For over 50 years I have been a chronic nail biter and it has had detrimental effects on my health and well being, from weakened teeth to embarrassment for my disfigured fingers much to the envy of all the beautiful nails that are everywhere.

I had tried hypnosis before for my nail biting with no success but I was keen to give it another go.

Instantly, I felt the relaxed, soothing peaceful vibe of Megan’s therapy room.   I have  played back the recording of my session many times and always laugh when I hear Megan say ‘now don’t fall asleep, that might be a little too relaxed!’

I felt completely at ease and ready for my guided hypnosis journey.  Megan’s  voice is a pleasure to listen to, not dreary monotone but vibrant and clear. The room is dark and cool with no loud noises to disrupt the focus. Due to these contributing factors, my subconscious was able to absorb Megan’s words, a huge contributing factor I believe to my successful outcome. This led to a cessation of my habit, for the first time in 50 years!

Post hypnosis, I felt extremely happy, enjoying a positive mindset and a lifting of my mental load.

I can confidently recommend Megan to be your hypnotherapist.  Her caring, understanding and emphathetic nature helps you unpack your emotions, gives you a sense of calm to open your mind and allow the hypnosis therapy to work.

L.A. - Ingham

Working with Megan has been an incredibly positive experience. Her communication skills are quite evident the moment you speak with her. She has great ability to grasp core issues and demonstrates her effectiveness as a therapist. One of her qualities that stands out most is her genuine care for others. I highly recommend Megan to anyone seeking a compassionate therapist. I am grateful to have crossed paths with her.


I  have been having hypnotherapy sessions with Megan at Ahh Haa  Hypnotherapy. I have been suffering from anxiety and stress.

After some hypnotherapy sessions with Meg, l feel like l have my life back, and l am back to my old self. It feels good to wake with a feeling of excitement of starting my day without the dred l used to feel.

Thank you, Meg. l highly recommend that if you are considering hypnotherapy, Meg is amazing at what she does.

Susanne - Sydney

For a long time I had been feeling really low and unable to get motivated to make any positive changes in my life. The sessions with Megan helped me get through the stuff that had been holding me back and find my way back to an exciting new life and to realise that I could actually do it!! Megan made me feel safe and capable and kept motivating me to do it for myself! Best decision I ever made. Totally recommend her.

Annie G, Kelvin Grove

Megan helped me with my issue of weight loss. I had always been overweight and tended to eat when I felt stressed. Thank you for changing my life.

Ellen, Sydney

I went to see Megan because of childhood trauma that had made me feel depressed and stuck, not knowing how to move my life forward. I had claustrophobia and anger issues too. A friend recommended her. Trusting that hypnosis could help me wasn’t easy as I have seen lots of counsellors and therapists in the past. I was sick of telling me story, but never getting any real change to how I felt. I liked that I didn’t need to tell my whole story – and only share what I wanted to. She made me realise that I am in charge of my future. My wife says I am a lot happier than she has ever seen me before. I feel a lot happier too.

HT, Townsville

I didn’t really know what to expect but she had been recommended to me. I was always someone who hadn’t slept well and spent a lot of time worrying about stuff. After my first session with Megan I started to see immediate relief. I booked in for a group of sessions, as I could see how helpful the first session had been and wanted to continue to work with her.  She changed the course of my life and career and resolved a lot of personal stuff that I hadn’t thought possible. A whole new world opened up for me after seeing Megan and experiencing hypnosis. I totally recommend her.

GR, Lucinda

Megan made me feel so relaxed from the start. She has a calming personality and she quickly helped me to work through my anxiety issues. I worked with her on untangling the issues and after several sessions I feel like a different person. She helped me to see things from a different perspective, and to see why I had kept getting stuck in the past.

AP, Cairns

I had insomnia for all my life. I don’t recall ever being able to sleep the whole night through without using some form of substance to help me to relax. That’s all changed now and for the first time ever I’ve sleeping the whole night. I had given up and thought it was just the way I was made. I didn’t think sleeping through the night was possible for me. The hypnotherapy sessions made such a huge difference and now I sleep the whole night.

James L, Ingham

Right from the start I felt safe talking to Megan about my past. It was a relief to finally be able to speak with someone about my troubles and work towards resolving them. I’m so glad I took the plunge and went to her for help. I recommend her because I knew from the start I felt safe and unjudged. Megan’s gentle approach, her soothing voice and her genuine care really made a big difference.

KF, Annandale

Ahh Haa Hypnotherapy